Brazil & Argentina 2023

August 14th – 27th, 2023
Tour Operator: Natural Habitat Adventures – Jaguars & Wildlife of Brazil’s Pantanal
Transportation:  Hiking, Boat, Jeep
Accommodations: Eco-Lodges
Highlights: Jaguars, Giant Otters, Giant Anteaters, Hyacinth Macaws, Howler Monkeys and more.

August 26th, 2023
Tour Operator: Natural Habitat Adventures – Iguazu Extension
Transportation: Hiking, Car
Highlights: Iguazu Falls

Green Iguana
A group of Jacare Caimans sunning themselves
Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge at sunset
Chestnut-eared Aracari
Morning fog
Hyacinth Macaw on the wing
Snail Kite in front of blooming pink ipê trees
At a meter long, Hyacinth Macaws are the largest flying bird in the parrot family
Vermillion flycatcher in a pink ipê tree
"Smile for the camera!"
Golden-collared Macaws
Argentinian Black-and-white Tegu - the largest member of the tegu family, these grow to 3 feet long.
A ferruginous pygmy owl with dinner
Yellow-chevroned Parakeet
Proboscis Bat
Roseate Spoonbills flying overhead
When the caiman lays down with the capybara...
My first wild jaguar!  She jumped up on the log and gave us this look back, before disappearing in to the long grasses.
My second jaguar - only a short time after we found the first.
Swimming across the river - the man is in a boat in front of mine.
Up in her perch
The Pantanal traffic jam - boats cluster to see the jaguar in the tree.
Black-crowned Night Heron struggling to get down his dinner
Yellow Anaconda
Mama & Cub  
A giant otter carrying a baby across the river to keep it safe from the strong currents
Baby giant otter
Jabiru Storks at sunset
Breakfast with a giant otter
A family of Gold-and-black Howler Monkeys.  The males are black, while the females and juveniles are gold.
A striated heron gone fishing
The twins - this brother & sister are only a few months removed from leaving their mother and still finding strength in numbers.  That will likely end when the sister goes in to estrus and other large males come sniffing around.
Polka-dot Tree Frog
Capybaras cuddling closely
Looking alert
Caiman lurking
Big yawn!
Porto Joffre Sunset
Veined Tree Frog - I love those eyes.
Great Horned Owl - this bird kept me up much of one night in Porto Joffre but at least posed for photos in the morning.
Savanna Hawk taking off
Toco Toucans
View from the lodge in Caiman.
Nacunda Nighthawk in flight
Greater Rhea - at about 5 feet tall, these are the largest birds in the Americas.
Pampas Deer at Sunset
Giant anteaters!  One of the oddest animals I've ever seen, on first sight, they kind of look like a massive walking bush.
Catching a ride - baby anteaters line up their stripes with their mothers in order to camouflage and look like a single large animal.
South Pantanal Sunset
Jaguar by night
This jaguar had a kill nearby that it was trying to circle back towards.
Peach-fronted Parakeets
Hyacinth Macaws in silhouette
The mighty Iguazu Falls
Great Dusky Swifts cling to the cliffs behind Iguazu Falls, emerging in great flocks to hunt insects.
Swifts in flight
Black Capuchin on the Argentinian side of the Falls
Iguazu Falls from Argentina
South American Coati - a member of the raccoon family, these animals are too smart for their own good.
From the top of the Falls
Back in Brazil, these Burrowing Owls were just across the border.
Flowers and sunflare at my hotel
Iguazu Falls is hard to capture in any photograph - but this panorama is my best effort at it.
Azara's Agouti - a member of the rodent family, agouti means "he who sits while eating"
Rainbow over Iguazu Falls
Spot-billed Toucanet