Central Europe 2019

November 2nd – 17th, 2019
Transportation:  Rental Car, Plane
Accommodations: AirBnB, Hotel
Highlights: Berlin, Sanssouci Palace, Hamburg, Munich, Neuschwanstein

Liechtenstein & Switzerland
November 14th, 2019
Transportation: Rental Car
Highlights: Schloss Vaduz, Liechtenstein National Museum, Hofkellerei of the Prince of Liechtenstein

November 15th, 2019
Transportation:  Rental Car, Funicular, Horse Carriage
Highlights: Fortress Hohensalzburg, Salzburg Cathedral

CE01 - Statues along the walls of the Reichstag, Berlin
CE05 - Berlin from atop the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral)
CE06 - Angels atop the Berliner Dom with Berliner Fernsehturm in the background
CE03 - The dome of the Berliner Dom from inside
CE04 - an orchestra playing classical music in the Berliner Dom.
CE02 - An ancient mural, re-built within the walls of the Pergamonmuseum
CE07 - Berliner Dom at dusk
CE08 - Statues across from the Berliner Dom
CE09 - These nudes are known simply as "Three Girls and a Boy"
CE10 - The American side of Checkpoint Charlie
CE11 - Checkpoint Charlie
CE12 - The Soviet side of Checkpoint Charlie
CE13 - Approaching the Brandenburg Gate from the side
CE14 - Brandenburg Tor (Gate)
CE15 - The Brandenburg Gate
CE16 - Graffiti along the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery
CE17 - The longest remaining section of the Berlin Wall, it has been turned in to an open air museum as the East Side Gallery.
CE18 - "The Trabant breaking through the wall" symbolizes East Germany finally breaking through the Berlin Wall.  The Trabant was apparently the most commonly seen car in East Berlin.
CE19 - East Side Gallery
CE20 - The Berlyn Mural represents East Germany's return to connectivity to the rest of the world in 1989.
CE21 - One of the most famous murals on the Berlin Wall, this is called "My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love" and depicts Leonid Brezhnev kissing former East German leader Erich Honecker.
CE22 - Inside the Oberbaum Bridge
CE23 - The River Spree
CE24 - Oberbaum Bridge over the River Spree - this was a border checkpoint during the Cold War between East and West Berlin.
CE25 - Pergamonmuseum on Museum Island
CE26 - Berliner Dom by night
CE27 - Konzerthaus Berlin & Deutscher Dom
CE28 - Konzerthaus Berlin
CE29 - Charlottenburg Palace
CE30 - Inside Charlottenburg Palace
CE31 - The gardens at Charlottenburg Palace
CE32 - St. Nicholas' Church is the oldest church in Berlin.  It was damaged badly in World War II and wasn't repaired until the 1980s.
CE33 -  A last look at Berlin by night
CE34 - Sanssouci Palace - the palace of no cares
CE35 - Sanssouci Palace
CE36 - A statue at the Sanssouci Palace
CE40 - Inside the Sanssouci Palace
CE41 - Inside the Sanssouci Palace
CE38 - Sanssouci Palace
CE37 - Sanssouci Palace
CE39 - Sanssouci Palace
CE42 - Sunset over the Tierpark Hagenbeck
CE43 - A tiny model of Pompeii at Miniatur Wunderland
CE44 - The Speicherstadt, the canal-based warehouse area in Hamburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
CE45 - Boats in the Speicherstadt
CE46 - The Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - controversial for its cost, this opera house certainly stands out.
CE47 - Sunset over the canals of the Speicherstadt
CE48 - Hamburg at dusk
CE49 - Hamburg by night
CE50 - St. Catherine's Church
CE51 - The Speicherstadt in Hamburg
CE52 -The Speicherstadt in Hamburg
CE53 - Hamburg Town Hall by night
CE54 - The Hamburg Rathaus (or town hall)
CE55 - I never figured out why there were fireworks this night...
CE56 - Hamburgerdom - named after a long disappeared church, this is a festival that shows up for a few days each year in Hamburg.  We took advantage of our timing and later rode that ferris wheel!
CE57 - Dawn over the Hamburg docks
CE59 - Hamburg's Altona Fischmarket - a great way to spend a Sunday morning!
CE58 - Showing up early on a Sunday morning for a market, we were not expecting to see a live musical performance!
CE60 - Last looks over Hamburg
CE61 - Munich's New Town Hall - with the famous glockenspiel.
CE62 - Old Town Hall, Munich
CE63 - The Munich Glockenspiel in action
CE64 - Statue in downtown Munich
CE65 - Statue in downtown Munich
CE112 -Englischer Garten in Munich
CE66 - Views of Munich from atop St. Peter's Church
CE67 - St. Peter's Church, Munich
CE68 - Inside St. Peter's Church, Munich
CE69 - We arrived at Neuschwanstein during the first snow of the year
CE70 - Snow and trees as we walk to Hohenschwangau
CE71 - The gates of Hohenschwangau Castle
CE72 - Neuschwanstein from Hohenschwangau Castle
CE73 - Neuschwanstein from Hohenschwangau Castle
CE74 - Neuschwanstein through the morning fog
CE75 - Neuschwanstein Castle
CE76 - Inside the walls of Neuschwanstein
CE77 - The view from the castle out
CE78 - Neuschwanstein Castle - the postcard photo
CE79 - Hohenswangau Castle from Neuschwanstein
CE80 - Peeking through the trees
CE81 - Footbridge above the falls
CE82 - First snow on the Bavarian Alps
CE83 - Neuschwanstein Castle
CE84 - The castle above the trees
CE85 - Neuschwanstein in the snow
CE86 - Neuschwanstein Castle
CE87 - Last look at Neuschwanstein
CE91 - Vaduz, Liechtenstein
CE89 - Vaduz Castle
CE88 - Display inside the Kunstmuseum - Vaduz, Liechtenstein
CE92 - Vaduz Castle
CE90 - Sculptures in Vaduz
CE93 - Vaduz Castle - the home of the Princes of Liechtenstein, the castle overlooks the capital city of Vaduz.
CE94 -Alte Rheinbrücke (Old Rhine Bridge) to Switzerland - Built in the mid 1800s, this is the  oldest surviving bridge over the Rhine River.
CE95 - Vaduz Castle Sunset
CE96 - The winery of the Prince of Liechtenstein
CE97 - Salzburg, Austria
CE98 - Out a window from Hohensalzburg Fortress
CE99 - Salzburg from Hohensalzburg Fortress
CE100 - Inside the Salzburg Cathedral
CE101 - Inside of the dome, Salzburg Cathedral
CE102 - Salzburg Cathedral ceiling
CE103 - Cherub in Salzburg Cathedral
CE104 - Inside Salzburg Cathedral
CE105 - Salzburg
CE106 - Salzburg
CE108 - Bike along the Salzach
CE109 - Nighttime in Salzburg
CE110 - Salzach River by night
CE111 - Chasing shadows at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg